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Ready made HK Company (HK$4,000 , 2-3 working days completed)

New name HK company (HK$3,000 , 5-7 working days completed)

New name HK company (HK$3,600, 2 working days completed)

Company List        Application Form


  Economic Economic Standard
  New name New name  New           Ready name           made
  HK$830 HK$2,550

HK$3,000     HK$4,000

Certificate of incorporation

Yes Yes Yes

Business registration certificate

Yes Yes Yes
Company registration fee No Yes Yes
Business registration fee No Yes Yes
First board resolution Yes Yes Yes
Certified true copy of Form NNC1 1 copy 1 copy 1 copy
Articles of Association 2 copies 2 copies 9 copies
Share certificate book No No Yes
Statutory book No No Yes
Signature chop, Round chop No No Yes
Green box No No Yes

Procedure of Setting up of HK Limited:  

1. Client fills in the Application Form and send to us by fax/email/post with copies of identify card / passport and address proof of proposed shareholder(s), director(s) and company secretary, and deposit the formation fee by cash or bank transfer to our bank account: HSBC 匯豐銀行  139-136667-001 account name: Professional Accounting and Secretarial Services Limited
2. We will confirm all required information has been provided;
3. We will check if the proposed company name can be used;
4. We will prepare required documents in 1 working day;
5. Documents may be signed at our office;
6. We will submit the required application; Certificate of Incorporation will be issued within a few days;
7. We will then submit the required documents and fees to other governmental departments, after that, we will notify the client to collect the relevant documents;
8. Client could open the bank account with Certified True Copies of all relevant documents.


Requirement of Registration:

* at least 1 shareholder, 1 director and 1 company secretary;
* all shareholder(s) / director(s) should be of age over 18, and hold a valid identity card or passport (no restriction on nationality);
* for corporate director / shareholder, business registration certificate copy, written resolution of board of directors resolving that the corporation agree to acquire the shares / act as director of the proposed company and authorise one director of the corporation to execute such formation documents, identity card or passport copy and address proof of the authorised  director of the corporation shall be provided;
* appointing a natural person (must provide H.K. correspondence address) or a body corporate (must provide Hong Kong registered or principal office address) as company secretary;
* providing registered office address in Hong Kong;
* paying Hong Kong Government fees in due course.


Address: Flat A, 13/F., Waterloo Plaza, No. 53-55, Waterloo Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Contact person:

Miss Koo

Tel: (852) 26909234
Fax: (852) 21243051
Email: pass2690@yahoo.com.hk




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